I haven’t done a series in a while, so I’m looking forward this new one about those words that exist both with an s at the end and without. Well, that’s not the best description, since that includes most nouns and verbs. I’m talking about the ones that people claim aren’t words if they have the s, or more rarely, if they lack it. Is it okay to say anyways, for instance, or will the careful speaker replace it with anyway? Is that menacing bear coming toward you or towards you? And was that last question beside or besides the point?

I’ll update the list below each time a new post in the series comes out, and if you have any requests, leave them in a comment on this post.

The S-Series so far:
S-Series I: Anyway(s) [02/03/11]
S-Series II: Backward(s) [06/14/11]
S-Series III: Toward(s) [08/29/11]