Hey all, I’ve got a spot of free time on the horizon and I’m thinking of spending at least some of it improving this blog. On the whole this blog is more or less the same as it was years ago when it was getting a hit or two each day, and now that there are regular readers and a bit of a community here, my big question is: what do you, the readers, want?

I’m soliciting your thoughts on every part of the site, from its posts to its design to its philosophy. Anything you’ve thought about the site, whether good or bad, is useful (especially the bad stuff). What makes you come back to the blog, and what makes you want to leave? Let me seed the conversation with a list of questions I’ve been asking myself:

Regarding the posts: Are there things you generally like or dislike about the posts, such as their layout or length? Do they need more illustrations/photos? Are there certain kinds of posts you like or dislike? Is the writing style too esoteric, too simplistic, too gruff, too rambling, too condescending, too certain? Am I too much of an old grouch?

Regarding Motivated Grammar in general: Is there anything new you’d like to see added or anything from an older version that you wish were still here? Do you want anything more from @MGrammar on Twitter? Is there any need for or interest in a forum to go along with the blog? Would you like to see a Motivated Grammar page on Facebook or MySpace or some other social networking site, or to hear a Motivated Grammar podcast?

Don’t limit your comments to only these points. I want to know anything that will make your time here more pleasant and more useful. I’m interested in new readers’ thoughts as well as the old-timers’. Either comment here (anonymously if you think I will be made very sad and it will ruin our friendship) or drop a line to motivatedgrammar[at]gmail.com. Thanks for helping make this blog what it is and thanks in advance for your advice.