I imagine you international readers might be slightly surprised by this, what with my being an American and all, but I get pretty excited for the World Cup. Sure, in my rankings of footballs, I’d put association football below American, Canadian, Australian, and rugby footballs, but one can’t beat the pageantry of the Cup. It’s also one of the few major sporting events where the U.S. is always big underdog, so that it’s fun to cheer for them.

The past few days have been pretty good for many of the Anglophone countries that comprise most of this blog’s readership, what with the U.S. and England both advancing, Australia pulling down a win, and France utterly collapsing in what I hope was a cathartic experience for the Irish. (I know my Ireland-obsessed friend enjoyed it. Stan, how was it for you?)

Anyway, I was cruising on Yahoo! after yesterday’s U.S.-Algeria game to see how the Ghana-Germany game played out, when suddenly a headline derailed me:

"Germany beats Ghana 1-0, wins World Cup"

Well, gosh, so much for my excitement. I suppose Germany winning the World Cup shouldn’t be so surprising. I’m just surprised how quickly they did it. Well, kudos to the Black Stars for making it to the finals. I might as well click through to the story:

"Germany beats Ghana 1-0, wins World Cup group"

Oh. It’s a shame the headline column didn’t have room for five extra letters.