I apologize for all the writing I didn’t do over the past few weeks, but now I’m well-rested from a couple weeks in Mountain View, and it’s back to work.  I’m planning to start a series on the inherent failures of the SAT’s grammar and usage section in the coming weeks.  You’re welcome to pester me if I don’t start it soon.

Secondly, my old and dear college roommate, who unlike me had the gumption to remain a mathemagician, has started up a blog about mathematics in every-day life.  (If you’re already reading a grammar blog, you’re certainly enough of a nerd to enjoy a math blog, by the way.)  I was blown away by the list of things not to say to a mathematician (having endured all of them in my math years), and the rest of it’s pretty killer as well.

Finally, some of you may know that I am something of a shirt collector.  Whenever I go to a new town, I try to find a shirt in a local thrift store to commemorate the trip — a Stanford Office of Technology Licensing polo, an Oxnard Yellowjackets tee, or a Three Rivers Stadium peanut vendor uniform.  Thus the “incorrigible” T-shirt that mr.write, proprietor of Uppity Shirts, was kind enough to send me, is quite a score.  In addition to being a cool word and doubling the number of white-text-on-black-background shirts in my collection, it’s got a special (inspirational) meaning to me.  Plus, I think it’s worth being incorrigible in your grammar; too many grammar snobs want you to change without telling you why.  Have the gumption to stand up them, I say!  (Regrettably, the Motivated Grammar spokesmodel was out of the office, but like any good executive, the CEO was more than willing to step in for a photo-op.)