Graffiti in McGill Hall

The prescriptivists have apparently taken to guerrilla campaigning to rouse support for their proscriptions. I went to a talk in the Psychology Department last week, and on my way down the stairs to return to my office, I found this graffito (the singular form of graffiti if you feel like being true to its Italian roots). Needless to say, it brightened my day. UCSD is known for its stairwell graffiti — or at least it was until the administration decided that its ongoing War on Being Interesting required most stairwells to be expunged of graffiti, lest anyone think that the campus is full of radicals, hooligans, or college students. Hopefully, this prescription will be sufficiently authoritarian that it will be left alone, keeping alive grammatical debate amongst the hordes of brow-beaten undergrads roaming the stairwells.

And, by the way, I do not share the graffitist’s qualms about starting a sentence with a conjunction. Or at least, I often don’t, although sometimes sentences starting with a conjunction sound unduly colloquial.

[Sorry I’ve resorted to another picture post, but I’m way busy right now. The defense of ‘literally’ I’ve promised to supply is forthcoming.]