Yeild to Pedestrians

I had just finished walking around the University of North Carolina for the last time last weekend (having been there for a psycholinguistics conference), and my camera had just run out of battery power, when I came to this intersection between the campus and my hotel.  I skipped part of the last poster session at the conference just so I could go replace my batteries and get this picture.  Of course, that wasn’t strictly necessary; the ubiquitous Google Street View also has a picture of the sign, albeit significantly blurrier.

The sign filled me with nostalgia, as during my sophomore year at Princeton, there was roadwork going on on the road between my dorm and the rest of campus, and the start of this roadwork was demarcated by a gigantic light-up sign that screamed something about being prepared to yeild.  Somehow, despite the fact that this sign was up for months, I never bothered to get a picture of it.  And here the Universe interceded to give me another chance.

Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit I usually misspell “yield” the first time I write it.