Earlier this week, the Boston Red Sox (of whom I am not a fan) won the World Series (of which I am not a fan). This led to a posting on rec.music.artists.springsteen (to whose music I am indifferent) in which this very blog (of which I am sort of keen) was used in an ad hominem attack as part of a flame war. It seems someone used alot when a lot was called for, and therefore their argument was bunk. (This was one of those very interesting flame wars where neutral if perhaps cheeky comments suddenly erupted into invective without any real point of contention. Invariably in such situations, someone calls someone else out on a grammatical point, and that’s where I came in.)

This idea that bad grammar = bad ideas is unfortunately common, especially amongst the moderately educated. But how can I oppose such ideas in the face of the massive ego-massage I was given? Being cited in a flame war totally means you’ve arrived. My ego thanks you — though my girlfriend likely does not.